The Kammloipe and local ski trails

The Kammloipe trail, on the ridge of the Ore Mountains, runs from Schöneck in the Vogtland to Johanngeorgenstadt in the Ore Mountains and is one of the most beautiful trails in Germany, with guaranteed snow. It was designated an “Excellent Trail”. In the middle of the Ore Mountains / Vogtland nature reserve, it is 36km long and offers the best skiing conditions, even for inexpert cross-country skiers.

It includes 18 connecting trails, so has plenty of ideal starting points and trails around the area (ca. 90km) and is a particularly attractive place to ski.

In summer, and in winter when some of the trails are not accessible, there are plenty of beautiful walking and cycling routes through this unique landscape.

Local trails of Carlsfeld

The trails around Carlsfeld

- Talsperrenloipe: Entry from Carlsfeld Parking P2, length 7.5 km, slightly

- Schneehübelloipe: Entry of Carlsfeld parking P3, length: 5.0 km, moderate

- Hochloipe: Entry of Carlsfeld, Talsperrenstr, length:. 3,5 km, easy

- Sonnenloipe: Entry of Carlsfeld Parking P2, length: 3,5 km, easy

The Kammloipe

The place Carlsfeld is located in the central area of the "Kammloipe", so that day trips both to Schöneck, as well as to Johanngeorgenstadt are possible. Another appealing aspect is the connection-country trails in the Czech Republic.

The Kammloipe is one of the most beautiful and snow trails in Germany.

Location: Ore Mountains / Vogtland Nature Park on the mountain crest of Schoneck in Vogtland to Johanngeorgenstadt in the Ore Mountains.
Length: 36 km with connecting trails 90 km

The Kammloipe is a remote trail with oncoming traffic, it is prepared consistently two lanes. The oncoming traffic must not be hindered. With sufficient track width freestyle technique is allowed between the direction of tracks (skating). The direction marks must not be destroyed. They are continuously marked with blue trail signs. Moderate (II) and difficult descents (III) are indicated on the trail signs in addition to II and III.

Trails overview boards are available at the Kammloipe and connecting trails. On the Kammloipe the FIS rules of conduct for skiers and ski-order the German Ski Association apply:

  - Every cross country skier must behave in such that he does not endanger or prejudice others
  - Markings and placards are to be observed
  - Pedestrian and dog may not enter the track in the entire width.
  - It is basically to run in the right lane - even groups.
  - may overtake the left or right of the front runners need not leave the track.

  - At dark and extremely bad weather, the ski are to be omitted.

Direction Schöneck to Johanngeorgenstadt

Schöneck 0,0 km
Abzw. Kottenheide 6,5 km
Parkplatz Am Kielfloßgraben 9,5 km
Abzweig Hammerbrücke 11,0 km
Schneckenstein 12,5 km
Mühlleithen 16,0 km
Abzweig Carlsfeld 25,0 km
Weitersglashütte 28,5 km
Abzweig Sauschwemme 33,0 km
Johanngeorgenstadt 36,0 km

Direction Johanngeorgenstadt to Schöneck

Johanngeorgenstadt 0,0 km
Abzweig Henneberg / Skimagistrale 2,0 km
Abzweig Sauschwemme 3,0 km
Weitersglashütte 7,5 km
Abzweig Sachsengrund 16,0 km
Mühlleithen 20,0 km
Schneckenstein 23,0 km
Abzweig Hammerbrücke 25,0 km
Schöneck 36,0 km