Trinitatis Church

rinitatis Church is the oldest round church in Saxony. It was the model for later round churches such as the Frauenkirche in Dresden and others, e.g. those in Klingenthal, Seiffen. Forcheim and Schmiedeberg. It is also said that George Bähr, the architect of the Dresden Frauenkirche, worked here as a young craftsman.

The church was built in 1684 – 1688 according to a Baroque design by Wolf Caspar von Klengel, using the Italian architecture model that was popular at the time.

The most valuable section is the altar with its wooden carving. The organ loft and pulpit are also worth seeing. In the predella on the altarpiece behind a wooden cover there are wooden carvings of the founder Schnorr von Carolsfeld and his wife.

When the church was renovated in 1958 the altar figures and other wooden pieces were hand polished back to the chalk ground so that the baroque colours of white, gold and pale blue can be seen.

Over the altar is the crucified Christ, surrounded by the Virgin Mary (left) and John the Apostle with long hair (right). In the background you can see the witnesses of the Old Testament: Moses (left) and the prophet Elijah (far right). At the back two angels are kneeling and worshipping the Lord. It is not know who did the wood carvings.

On both sides of the pulpit you can see Saint Peter with the keys and Saint Paul with the sword.