"Good luck" in Sapperland

This is the typical Carlsfeld greeting, originating from the underground miners in this old mining region of the Ore Mountains (Erzgebirge)..

The Village of Carlsfeld with its ca. 900 residents lies nestled in an expansive forest and natural reserve in the middle of the western Ore Mountains, bordering the Vogtland to the west and the Czech Republic to the south.

Blick auf den Ort Carlsfeld im Sommer

Carlsfeld is also lovingly referred to as "Sapperland". These practical felt slippers (so-called "sapper") were the inexpensive standard footwear for both inside and out in earlier times.

Original "sapper" and felt slippers
Original "sapper" and "felt slippers"

The "sapper" kept feet warm and didn´t slip on ice or snow, and they are highly prized still today.

Carlsfeld is a wonderfull place to retreat to for peace and seclusion. Here, in the most snow-sure area of the Ore Mountains, one finds ideal conditions for cross-country skiing on the local runs as well as the famous Kammloipe run from November to March. Alpine skiing is on the 400 m long Hirschkopf run with its T-bar lift..

An insider´s tip is the annual Carlsfeld Ski Carneval "Skifasching", where the revelers meet.

The baroque Carlsfeld Trinitatis Church is famous for being the oldest round church in Saxony.

Situated above Carlsfeld is the highest drinking water reservoir in Saxony and the "Grosser Kranichsee" (Big Crane Lake) nature reserve with its unique 300 hectare ecosystem.

For hiking and bicycling there are well marked trails, with signs at points of interest describing the history.